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AR & VR training for Military, Industrial, and beyond.

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Retain Knowledge

Capture best practices and scale them across your organization.

Reduce Injuries

Keep your workers safe.

Effective Training

Gain a 75% greater retention rate over traditional training.

You can't afford traditional training.

Lost work time to long training cycles
Accidental injury and repair costs
Training that doesn't stick
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We create 
well trained teams

Training that sticks.

Immersive training has up to 75% higher retention rate than traditional training.

Training that gives back.

Saved injury and equipment costs all add up to an ROI that can't be beat.

Training that is easy to maintain.

Stay focused on your team's results, not on troubleshooting your training system.

How to partner with us

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Meet us and see our training in action to learn how we can help improve your team.

Develop your training

Let us help you capture specialist knowledge and best practices in a superior training experience tailored for your business.

Enjoy a better team

Watch your team perform better, keeping them safe and reducing injury and equipment repair costs.
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Our approach in action...

3D Media was excited by the opportunity to develop training for Dyess Air Force Base and their B1B training program. Using immersive training and our collaborative approach we helped reduce training time for the B1B aircraft by 50%.

reduced training time by 50%

"Airmen have increased
engagement since launching
the training from 3D Media,
and training time was
reduced by over 50%."
- Major Anthony Bunker, USAF

Other companies we have worked with...

Let's talk about how we can help create your well trained team!

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